The passing of the key

One of my favorite closings took place many years ago and involved a migrant family purchasing their first home. It was a $13,000 mobile home located in a rural area and the family had saved a very long time for this chance at a new life. When the moment arrived and the keys were being passed across the table, the family was overcome. The young daughter started bouncing up and down in her chair while at the same moment the mother burst into tears and began sobbing. The room went silent as the emotion swept over them. They held each other and laughed and cried……It still chokes me up.

The passing of the key is an iconic moment. For a seller it is the chance to go on to their next adventure. For a buyer it is a dream realized. And I get a front row seat to watch it unfold. For all involved it took work to get there. For me, it is a Labor of Love. I have been blessed to work for amazing customers. Many have been repeat customers over the years and most of my buyers – were my sellers first. I care deeply that my customers goals are realized and I use all of my expertise to make sure that happens.

I am the son of a Baptist Pastor and come from a family of Realtors. The first was licensed in 1978 and the Murphy’s have been a constant in the business ever since. We have a hard-earned reputation for excellence and are consistently among the top agents in our area. Although a family, we are not a team. In fact there are no agents I like to out perform more than my brothers or nephews or nieces. Seriously. At the highest there were more than a dozen of us and currently there are 9 active full time agents. Not that it matters, but I am the tallest. 

My wife Kim works with me on occasion and is in a word-Wonderful. I have known her since she was 12 and she is the most lovely woman. If you are lucky, you will get to meet her. I have 3 grown children, 2 girls and a boy. The daughters, Erin and Kaylie are each employed at universities. Marketing and Faculty support, respectively. My son Matt and his wife Taylor are both veterans, Army and Coast Guard and live in Texas. They own Murphy’s Bodyshop and have 3 amazing kids. I think there may be a future Realtor there for sure.

I was first licensed in 1987 and am in the top 3 Percent of Florida Realtors. I have hundreds of Happy Customers and dozens of 5 Star on-line ratings. My listings sell for more money and twice as fast as an average agent. What this means to you is that I will sell your home in the time frame You desire and put more money in your pocket while doing it. 

From marketing to negotiating to closing, I will give you my very best effort. Getting it under contract is just the first half of the process. There are many pitfalls along the way and it takes about 10 steps to get from Contract all the way to Closing. It is here where I truly set myself apart. We have all heard stories of a seller who thought the house was sold only to find that the buyer cancelled or the loan was denied. It is crushing to undo your plans and unpack and start all over again. I make sure that when it goes under contract it really is Sold. Many agents do not have the crucial knowledge in this area, as if they were never taught this essential skill.  Some put a house under contract and simply hope that all will go well from there but you should consider this when choosing an agent: Would you want a Pilot who knows how to fly but was never very good at landing?

Please read my Customer Testimonials and Listen to their words. They are telling you loud and clear: “We Like Mike!” 

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